waffle fries or tater tots, cheese curds, stout (yes, the beer) & short rib beef gravy

fried cheese curds$7

served with house crafted ranch

smashed brussel sprouts $9

smashed brussel sprouts, shredded parmesan, sriracha honey aioli for dipping

twisted deliciousness$10

the giant pretzel, jalapeno beer cheese, honey sriracha aioli, stone ground mustard

street corn cobs2/$5 or 4/$9

avocado-lime crema, cotija cheese, cilantro, chili powder dusting

fry baskets

your choice of waffle fries or tater tots


just a basket of fried yumminess
add spicy beer cheese dip $7

bar-ba-coma $8

barbacoa pork, cotija cheese. avocado-lime crema, onion, cilantro

southern style$7

house made pimento cheese dip, bacon crumbles, and scallions

nacho average fries $8

chorizo & beef, tomato, beer cheese, sour cream

kick n’ bitty buffalo chicken fries$8

buffalo chicken, shredded carrots, ranch, blue cheese crumbles


B.Y.O.B. (build your own burger)

Be as creative as you want.

No Charge
lettuce / tomato / fresh onion

$1 per topping
mushrooms / roasted peppers / caramelized onion / pretzel bun / cheddar /swiss/ american / beer cheese/ blue cheese / peanut butter / strawberry preserves / waffle bun

$1.5 per topping
bacon / over medium egg / barbacoa pork/ sub a portabella cap for burger

the big kid

reese’s peanut butter sauce, strawberry preserves, thick cut bacon, pretzel bun

canadian-eh poutine burger

cheese curds, waffle fries, and a stout (yes, the beer) & short rib beef gravy

BFD (breakfast for dinner)

smashed tater tots, over medium egg, cheddar cheese, maple bacon, sriracha aioli, waffle bun

signal 33

blackened beef patty, stout & sriracha bbq sauce, smoked blue cheese crumbles, bacon & onion jam, lettuce, tomato

the southerner

pimento cheese, honey mustard slaw, stout (yes, the beer) sriracha bbq
this one has the slaw on the burger

where’s the beef?

this burger has no burger (it’s in the name).

two balsamic portabella mushroom caps as the buns, lettuce, tomato, herbed boursin cheese, roasted red pepper coulis

want it with a brioche bun and a cap as the burger? just let us know


choose any 3 tacos (walko taco not included) 3 / $11

your choice of soft flour, soft corn tortilla. want it more like a salad? try our lettuce wraps instead

trailer park $4

sweet bbq chicken crack, cabbage, homemade ranch, cilantro


korean bbq bulgogi pork, charred tomatillo & sesame seed sauce, mango jalapeno slaw

hot chick’n bed$4

buffalo chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, carrots, ranch, scallions

barbacoa pork$4

avocado-lime crema, cotija cheese, cilantro, onion, lime


chorizo & beef blend, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream

the shroom’ $4

marinated mushrooms, roasted garlic aioli, truffle oil, crispy onion,
chives & locally grown broccoli microgreens


mac n’ cheese, chorizo & beef blend, thick cut bacon crumbles, scallions, bbq

walko taco$7

a bag of doritos or fritos filled with chorizo & beef blend, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream


winner winner$10

fried chicken breast, malted buttermilk waffle, warm maple bourbon syrup

my secret lover$8

red velvet waffle, nutella, white chocolate chips, fresh berries, cream cheese whipped cream

rainbow road$8

fruity pebbles, cream cheese whipped cream, fresh berries

ring of fire $11

buffalo chicken & waffles, bleu cheese crumbles, ranch, scallions

half-witted monkey$9

banana bread waffle, bruleed bananas, candied walnuts, caramel-rum sauce
must be 21+

cheeztopia $10

mac n’ cheese waffle, pulled pork, stout & sriracha bbq, scallions, and more cheese


honey mustard slaw$2.50

mac n’ cheese$3

charro beans$2.50